Our Equipment – The Evolution DT®

Major differences between our Evolution DT® Spinal Decompression therapy vs. other decompression tables or traction tables.

The Evolution DT® is the top of the line TRUE Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, don’t trust your spine health with other inferior and possibly dangerous tables.

1.  Elimation of extra concussion of forcesThe Evolution DT® is up to 100% more efficient, for example,to decompress a level of the lumbar spine (lower back) of  a 180 pound male often the tension required may be as high as 90-100 pounds force using the old generation rope and pulley traction motor systems, while with the Evolution DT® as little as 45 pounds is all that is required to decompress the lumbar spine of the same patient. Because we are able to decompress the spine on the Evolution DT® with half the force our machines are able to eliminate the extra concussion of forces. This means you will have a comfortable treatment that provides you with relief of your pain, and not sore after your treatment like some of the other tables on the market.

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Unique Flexi-Strap Harnessing System Wraps Pelvis

2.  Bypassing muscle guarding

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Dynamic Pelvic Tilt For Focused Decompression

The most important unique feature of the Evolution DT® is that the Evolution DT® gets past the muscle guarding of the paraspinal muscles and circumvents the sympathetic mechanoreceptors better than any vertebral axial decompression table.  The Evolution DT® utilizes Intelligent Biofeedback Technology® which is comprised of extremely sensitive sensors which detect any resistance from the body during treatment and automatically adjusts the pull forces accordingly in milliseconds, effectively preventing.the paraspinal muscles from locking down the disc area being decompressed. The reaction time exhibited by the Evolution DT® is less than 20 milliseconds! This is 2 times faster than the normal human neurological response time and 1-2 seconds faster than the older generation ‘harness, rope and pulley’ systems available today.  This means we are able to provide the best patient compliance, the most positive outcomes and prevention of “guarding factor” from being triggered.  This technology greatly reduces spasms from occurring during and after the treatment session and successfully bypasses the body’s guard factor in order to truly decompress the disc.

The additional key differences between the Evolution DT® from the competition are:

•  The unique flexi-strap harnessing system

•  8 available decompression programs

•  Dynamic Pelvic-Tilt design with targeted decompression

•  A protocal that carries the best patient compliance

• All new Dual-Therapy for multiple disc herniations

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8 Available Decompression Programs

Efficient and Comfortable

Our Non-Surgical Spinal Decompresssion Tables have improved clinical efficiency and comfort, and the results prove this.

spinal decompression therapy toronto

Neck/Cervical Harnessing