“The pain on my lower back started in July 2009. I was diagnosed with bulging disc and severe facet degeneration. I’ve been through all types of treatments for months hut only given me temporary relief. I suffered so much from excruciating pain that I couldn’t sleep and needed help to get me out of bed let alone walking.  After 2 weeks of treatment I began to feel a lot better. The pain starts to diminish as I go along and getting out of my bed is no longer a problem. I could walk normally and my whole life starts to become brighter again.  After 4 weeks on disability, I returned to work on Feb. 9, 2010. If not for spinal decompression treatment I wouldn’t be able to return to work that soon. It’s quite hard to believe but it’s true. I would highly recommend this to people suffering from back problem. The quality of my life has improved tremendously if not for the treatment. I can now sit and enjoy dinner with my husband at our favourite restaurant go to the theatre and watch movies without feeling any pain at all and mainly return to all normal activities which I missed during the past months. Truly, this machine will change the quality of your life and it works! Thanks for all the kind support and assistance of Physio Brad , Dr. Malet and their wonderful staff. They’ve helped me restore my health back…” 

At Ace Physio we have a catalog, of dozens of stories just like this, of real patients that have been successfully treated using our non-surgical spinal decompression treatments.

If you are suffering from back or neck pain, take control of your life, stop suffering today, and pick up the phone and call Ace Physio, we would love to add your success story to our catalogue.